Informing you about your rights in a dog bite case in Florida

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Many cases of premises liability in Tampa, Florida, deal with slip-and-fall accidents, defective elevators and accidents at theme parks. However, incidents concerning premises liability may occur anywhere, particularly if it is an accident caused by inadequate security or a dog bite.

Accordingly, thousands of people are being involved in animal attacks and dog bites incidents every year. While a dog bite typically may be considered to lead to a personal injury case, it is also governed by premises liability laws. An individual’s pet is considered to be property. This means that the owner has the responsibility to take care of that property and prevent it from causing harm to other people. The same rule applies to establishments, malls, apartments and other properties. Our firm is knowledgeable about different kinds of premises liability accidents that can happen. We also are familiar with such cases and the rights of an individual in the event of an animal attack.

In the case of a dog bite, the potential liability may depend upon where the incident occurs and whether the dog owner has knowledge of possible dangerous habits of the animal. Strict liability is imposed in dog bite cases. This means that the owner is legally accountable for the incident, regardless if he or she did anything to protect the victim from the attack. Under such circumstances, our legal team may present facts that show how the owner failed to protect other people from injuries caused by the pet. We also can illustrate the impact of the incident on the victim, particularly if the victim is a child.

Premises liability cases highlight the responsibility of property owners to the residents. Such situations can be tricky for most people. Fortunately, our premises liability webpage may help you learn more about these kinds of accidents and how victims can exercise and protect their rights.


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