How faulty motorcycle parts cause motorcycle accidents

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Since motorcycles were introduced in the United States in the late 19th century, the demand for them has risen dramatically. As many Americans, including Floridians, enjoy riding motorcycles as much as other motor vehicles, the number of enthusiasts has rapidly increased as well. For businesses such as motorcycle manufacturers, more demand means more profit. With increased production, however, comes the probability that parts will be defective and lead to more accidents.

When product safety is compromised, as it sometimes is with defective motorcycles or their parts, riders are at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in motorcycle accidents. Among the most common motorcycle defects are failing brake pads, broken wheel rims, overheating engines and leaking fuel tanks. According to one consumer watchdog organization, there have been almost 50 incidents of motorcycle recalls in 2012, the last year for which complete data were available. The recalls from nine manufacturers included faulty brake pads, engine failures and defective tires.

Defective motorcycle parts can seriously injure riders. Defective tires can cause crashes because of skidding, hydroplaning, swerving and blowouts leading to a loss of control. Other defective parts such as throttle controls and clutch systems can also cause crashes.

When a defect affects motorcycle parts that are responsible for overall safe control of the vehicle, then accidents are bound to happen. Brakes allow riders to decelerate and come to a stop. If a rider’s motorcycle has a faulty brake pad or a faulty brake line, then the motorcyclist will have hard time reacting to traffic and road conditions because they have less control over the vehicle. The same goes with defects in other engine parts and the fuel tank. When an engine fails, it increases the risk of a motorcycle crash. Defective fuel tanks increase the risk that a vehicle may catch fire.

As this shows, while motorcycle riding is a fun activity, there are dangers involved due to the possibility motorcycle defects. Motorcyclists who believe they were injured due to a motorcycle defect may want to look into their legal options for recovery.

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