Taking the right steps in the aftermath of a truck accident

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Few people want to think about it when they are out driving on Florida’s roads and highways, but every commercial truck they encounter is a potential threat. Whether the dangers are ever realized by motorists and pedestrians depends on how attentive truck drivers are to weather, road and traffic conditions. Unfortunately, a trucking accident has a high probability of causing severe injuries or killing someone.

Trucks pose dangers to others primarily because they are bigger and heavier than the vast majority of passenger vehicles. In most cases, a collision between a truck and another vehicle means anyone in the other vehicle has a good chance of being injured or killed. Injuries alone can mean emotional trauma and financial losses for a victim. A death can mean grief for a family and also often means financial distress.

Every accident has its own contributing factors. Our firm’s experience in handling truck and motor vehicle crashes has shown us that truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons: distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, poor visibility or lighting on the road, lack of sleep or rest during long travels and drug and alcohol impairment. Any of these factors makes truck drivers and the truck companies they work for liable for damages, injuries and deaths. Fortunately, most accident victims and relatives of those killed know that their injuries and losses can often be covered by compensation from individuals or entities found responsible for a crash.

Our firm’s knowledge of truck accidents and their causes can help a client figure out whether negligence was a factor. We can thoroughly investigate an accident, interview witnesses, examine law enforcement evidence and provide the necessary information to the victims. The guidance we can provide in dealing with such circumstances can help victims obtain justice and the maximum compensation possible.


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