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Growing numbers of Florida residents love to ride motorcycles. According to Ride Smart Florida, an online service operated by the Traffic Safety Office of the state’s Department of Transportation, Florida’s growing population is making motorcycle riders a common sight on the state’s roadways and increasing the number of motorcycle accidents in the state each year.

In general, motorcycle accidents tend to result in more serious injuries and more fatalities than car accidents. Motorcycles provide no real protection to riders; even clothes, shoes and helmets for motorcyclists provide only minimal protection. Because of this, our law firm has seen the full range of injuries from motorcycle accidents, from minor to life-altering to deadly. Fatal motorcycle accidents are certainly the worst outcomes, but often people who are badly injured in a motorcycle accident face considerable challenges in recovering from a variety of injuries. Some injuries may require years of expensive therapy and rehabilitation, often making full recovery more difficult and too often financially devastating.

Fortunately, not every motorcycle victim needs to worry about accident-related expenses. Our firm can find ways to help victims recover compensation for their medical bills and other rehabilitation costs. By listening to our client’s stories, we can determine the probable cause of an accident and determine whether negligence played a significant part. If it did, then we can assist victims in holding the responsible party accountable for accident-related injuries and damages.

Motorcyclists have the same rights as drivers when it comes to using public roads and highways. Unfortunately, too many motorcycle accident involve drivers who fail to notice the motorcycles are even there and fail to yield the right of way even if they do. In such instances, drivers violate not only traffic laws but also the rights of motorcyclists. Injury victims have the right to hold them accountable.


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