Two Florida residents sue hotel for inadequate security

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Florida hotels stay competitive by providing outstanding service to their clients. From the top management to the rank and file staff, these individuals ensure that the customers’ stay is pleasant and enjoyable. To maintain that, property owners should be mindful of dangerous property condition that can cause problems for their customers. The safety of the customers should always be prioritized.

Unfortunately, one hotel in Florida has allegedly failed to protect their clients from injuries caused by inadequate security. According to a report, two Florida residents have accused Resorts World Bimini of inadequate security following an incident that left them with severe injuries. The two customers reportedly filed a lawsuit, claiming that negligent security at the hotel contributed to the injuries they suffered from an attack by four other visitors. The lawsuit states that the victims, together with other guest from Florida, were in their room when the assault happened.

Before the assault, one of the plaintiffs was at the hotel’s casino and had a fight with the alleged attackers. When the victim returned to their hotel room, the attackers kicked in the victim’s room door and attacked them. The victims suffered severe injuries in the assault. The lawsuit claims that Resorts World Bimini failed to properly secure the plaintiffs’ safety.

Investigators are trying to find out how the attackers found the victims’ room and why Resorts World failed to conduct adequate security steps after the initial fight. Resorts World Bimini declined to comment on the pending litigation.

Inadequate security can be a big problem for property owners, particularly hotel owners. It can damage their reputation and the trust and patronage of their clients. After an incident related to an establishment’s negligent security, the property owner can be held legally responsible for the damages.

Source: The Tribune, “Tourists Sue Over Alleged Attack in Bimini Hotel Room,” Jan. 16, 2015


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