Who is liable for premises liability accidents?

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Inviting guests to your home is a kind gesture made by many Florida residents. Some residents hold a party at home, serving drinks and food and providing entertainment that visitors will enjoy. But a party host should always be mindful about the safety of guests and shield them from any accidents that may be caused by dangerous conditions on the property. These hazards may include inadequate lighting, defective escalators or elevators and even wet floors.

Safety should be a priority for property owners. Under premises liability law, Florida property owners have the duty to protect visitors to their property from any unsafe conditions. The legal theory behind this law is that property owners and residents are held accountable for any accidents and injuries that occur on their property. By observing the following circumstances, you may be able identify potential areas that may cause a premises liability accident.

For starters, every property owner can face liability and that includes the owner of a private home. For example, if a postal worker delivers a package to your doorstep but suddenly slips and falls on icy pavement in your front yard, the delivery person can sue the property owner for any injuries or losses caused by the slip and fall accident. This is one of the reasons why the owners of many establishments keep their sidewalks and facilities free of slippery and wet conditions.

If a Florida resident owns a commercial or residential building, it is also your duty as a property owner or landlord to address hazards that may harm an individual. Any issues or complaints brought by a lessee should be handled in a timely manner. Otherwise, a slight injury may blossom into a larger claim. In the event that the victim is partially at fault for the injuries, the injured party and property owner may share the liability.

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