How can you help maintain motorcycle safety in Florida?

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Motorcycles provide many Florida residents a cost-efficient way to commute. Riding a motorcycle comes with many risks though. For starters, motorcycles are less visible to other drivers. This may make it difficult for most motorists to see motorcyclists, increasing the risk of a crash. Aside from that, motorcycles have minimal protection from hazards and elements that can injure or kill a rider. Unlike car and other vehicles that can protect its occupants from an impact, motorcycles can’t. The only protection riders have are helmets and safety gear. As a result, motorcycle safety is an important issue for safety officials, residents and motorcycle enthusiasts in the state of Florida.

With this in mind, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers several tips for riders in order to protect themselves from devastating injuries or fatalities caused by a motorcycle accident. According to a source, it is important for motorcyclists to be aware of how they can share the road with other motorists. They need to develop good riding techniques that can be learned by taking a motorcycle rider safety course. Riders should wear the appropriate gear such as bright and reflective clothing so that motorists can easily notice them, particularly at night.

A motorcycle rider’s concentration and skills are essential for motorcycle safety. A motorcyclist should be alert and sober so that they can easily react to the given circumstances on the road. They should also know and obey all local traffic laws and regulations. Proper maintenance and a safety check up for the motorcycle should be performed before each ride.

Maintaining motorcycle safety does not just rely on safe riding techniques. Drivers should also maintain their part of the bargain by avoiding tailgating and checking mirrors and blind spots before entering another lane. As much as possible, drivers should never try to share a lane with a motorcycle.

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