Knowing what to do after a crash with an uninsured driver

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Getting into a car accident in Florida can lead to property damage, injuries and even death. While the accident itself is bad enough, certain issues often arise in the state that can cause more problems for those involved. These include an underinsured or uninsured driver. If a driver isn’t driving without insurance, there is the possibility that the person is driving with the bare minimum of insurance. A study examined levels of insurance, how much is required by state, and the number of drivers who were not insured. Florida is one of the worst states in the union when the facts are examined.

While many states have hefty requirements for the minimum level of insurance, Florida is lower than most. The study showed that nearly 24 percent of drivers in the state are not insured or don’t follow the rules as they’re laid out. In many instances, an accident leaves people hurt by another driver who was responsible for the car accident and was not insured or was underinsured. Drivers can use the option of adding to their own coverage for an extra layer of protection.

The state mandates that all drivers have personal injury protection. Not all states do this. This provides coverage if a driver or passengers are injured. The state has a lower minimum liability than many other states. It is $10,000 per person with $20,000 per car accident for everyone involved. The amount of property damage is $10,000.

Given the potential issues to those who are hurt in a car collision and that the other vehicle might not have sufficient coverage or any coverage at all to compensate the injured or the families of those killed, litigation to recover damages is often the only possible option. Discussing the matter with a legal professional can help those who are affected by this issue.

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