What are common issues that can cause a truck accident?

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Large trucks can be an intimidating sight on the road in Tampa with good reason. These vehicles are naturally dangerous because of their sheer size, but that’s not the only reason they can cause injury and fatality in truck accident. Drivers of these vehicles are required to adhere to federal trucking regulations when it comes to safety. On the same token, the company that owns the truck is also required to ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained and safe.

There are certain violations that the enforcement entity known as Compliance, Safety, Accountability looks for when giving scores to truck drivers. The scores are important to how the driver is assessed when it comes to safety practices. There are certain violations that come up often with truck drivers. They include equipment on the vehicle, the proper logging procedures by the driver and personal issues that could be important to the driver’s vigilance.

Lights are an imperative for trucks. Citations can be issued if there is a broken taillight, a malfunctioning headlight or turn indicator. Obviously, brakes are an imperative to a trucker. The brakes must be inspected prior to a job and after the job is completed. Drivers should be trained to know what signifies a brake issue. Tires are key. Tires might be worn down and make it difficult for a driver to control the vehicle in hazardous conditions.

A trucker is also required to keep a trucking log of the person’s travels, when rest stops were taken, and to ensure that there wasn’t an attempt to skirt the regulations to finish the route early. These logs must be filled out accurately and be up-to-date. In some instances, a driver might have a medical problem that was undisclosed. Medication can make a driver fatigued while driving. Any medical issue can cause a driver to lose control of the truck.

People who are involved in an accident with a truck need to understand that it might have been caused by any number of the above factors. Negligence is a common reason why these accidents happen. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one because of a truck accident should discuss their case with a legal advocate experienced in litigating cases after a truck crash.


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