Brotherly bond forged in college commitment success story

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It is often said that family is paramount in life – but what and who constitutes “family” can sometimes stretch beyond genetics. For Attorney Brad Culpepper and his family, caring for and supporting others simply isn’t limited to the basic definition. It is an ethos that permeates their lives and colors their actions.

Recently, published a story about Attorney Culpepper’s son and his friend, who recently both committed to attend Syracuse University and play football for the Orange. The article details how the two from different backgrounds, and with different life experiences, came to be close friends – and in time, brothers. The pair met in Little League baseball, and their relationship grew closer as they aged. However, Culpepper’s friend was no stranger to life’s challenges, including a father who struggled through legal issues and a mother who worked hard to support her family.

Recognizing the potential and need for help, the Culpepper family stepped in to help support the young man in numerous ways. At times, he would spend numerous nights per week at the Culpepper household, with the family providing mentorship in school work and more stability in day to day life. With both kids showing great potential in football, it was no surprise that when it came time to make a decision, both chose to stay together in committing to play for Syracuse University, ensuring their brotherly bond will only continue to grow.

Helping those in need is what drives Attorney Brad Culpepper and all of those at the firm of Culpepper Kurland, whether injured in a car or motorcycle accident, or another unfortunate incident caused by another’s negligence. If you are in need of assistance from an experienced personal injury law attorney, you can seek help by speaking with a professional in your area.


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