The possible effects of a brain injury after a car accident

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In Florida, a car accident can lead to injuries and fatalities. In some cases, the injuries are clear and in others, they take some time to begin to take effect. Brain injury can either be obvious or it can be more difficult to spot. Often, victims don’t realize they or their loved ones have suffered a brain injury until they show clear signs of it. Knowing the frequency of brain injuries, the facts about them, and what to do for treatment can be helpful.

A brain injury can happen when there is a blow to the head and the brain crashes against the skull. Bruising, tearing and swelling of the brain are all dangerous and can lead to long-term damage or even death. Statistically, 35 percent of brain injuries come from falls. However, motor vehicle accidents are second at 20 percent. The majority of these incidents do not result in death, but there can be other aftereffects that can result in massive medical expenses, the inability to function independently and the need for assistance.

In the United States, a person will suffer from a brain injury every 15 seconds. Each year, 1.7 million have this kind of injury. The number of people who are disabled in some way because of this is approximately five million. Additionally, 50,000 people die every year due to brain injury. Another 235,000 are hospitalized. And, 80,000 suffer from some form of permanent disability.

Men are 1.5 times more frequently afflicted with a brain injury than women. Costs can rise as high as $1.8 million to care for those who have brain injury. These kinds of injuries are not only physically debilitating, but cognitively and emotionally as well. Since the brain is so imperative to daily functioning and being a part of society, damage to it can leave a person unable to participate in even the most rudimentary activities.

Those who have been involved in a car collision and are experiencing various symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, loss of memory, irritability, seizures and blood pressure changes might have had a brain injury without realizing it. Given the potential costs, one of the most important issues is paying for treatment. Speaking to a legal professional about a case can help move the process forward to be compensated.

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