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October 2015 Archives

Hands-free devices don't lower risks of being a distracted driver

For drivers in Florida, the prospect of encountering a distracted driver is usually a concern that is limited to these drivers texting and driving and using a handheld device. However, research indicates that those who are driving and attempting to use voice-controlled technology in their vehicles might be causing greater danger and inducing more distraction than was initially believed. This is in opposition to what most people think is the proper way to use technology when driving.

A drugged driver is just as dangerous as a drunk driver

While there is a known risk and concern for drivers in Florida that they will encounter a drunk driver and be involved in an auto accident, another issue that is growing to be a significant concern is drugged driving. The number of people who are driving after having used marijuana -- among other types of drugs -- is growing in frequency across the country. This is believed to be causing more crashes.

Seeking compensation after dog bites in Florida

The warm climate and benefits of living in Tampa and throughout Florida are known to residents and visitors from around the world. With an endless array of outdoor activities to pursue, it's no wonder that the state is a well-known travel destination. Along with that, however, are certain dangers that can befall people young and old. One that few consider as a significant risk is being bitten by a dog. However, a dog bite can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been affected by dog bites need to understand that the property owner may be responsible for his or her pet, and in the right circumstances a legal filing may be brought after a dog bite.

Brain injuries after a motorcycle accident

The Florida roadways see plenty of motorcyclists, and it is important to be cognizant of them. Even with that, a motorcycle accident is often unavoidable. Motorcyclists are notoriously vulnerable to severe injury even if they are taking all the proper precautions, wearing protective equipment and operating their bikes safely. One common issue that a motorcycle accident victim will face is a head injury. When there is a head injury, there is a chance that it will also result in a brain injury. Understanding the potential problems that come with a brain injury is important to the victim and his or her family.

Two men die in fatal truck accident after being rear-ended

Large trucks are a constant presence on the roads in Tampa and throughout Florida. While these vehicles are important for the transportation of goods as well as for numerous other reasons, that does not diminish the dangers they present to other drivers on the road. Due to their massive size, the amount of time the drivers spend on the road and the other inherent risks, a crash can result in a fatal truck accident. After such an occurrence, the family left behind needs to know how to properly deal with the loss of a loved one.


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