Seeking compensation after dog bites in Florida

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The warm climate and benefits of living in Tampa and throughout Florida are known to residents and visitors from around the world. With an endless array of outdoor activities to pursue, it’s no wonder that the state is a well-known travel destination. Along with that, however, are certain dangers that can befall people young and old. One that few consider as a significant risk is being bitten by a dog. However, a dog bite can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been affected by dog bites need to understand that the property owner may be responsible for his or her pet, and in the right circumstances a legal filing may be brought after a dog bite.

A dog bite can occur anywhere. People who have to work in the homes or residential areas of others are vulnerable. Being on the beach, in a park or just walking on the street can leave people — young and old — at risk of being attacked by even the most compliant and friendly dogs. If the dogs are mistreated or used for fighting, then they may have a propensity to attack and cause substantial harm.

When bitten by a dog, the first thing a person should do is to get medical treatment. A bite that does not seem serious could eventually turn into a major problem through infection or of the dog was ill. More serious dog bites can occur to prominent features on a person’s body and turn into a lifelong scar. A person whose dog bites another may be responsible for it. The owner might not have done anything out of the ordinary and the attack could have come out of nowhere. It doesn’t matter. It is still the responsibility of the owner to have controlled the dog. Simply because a negligent property owner meant no harm does not mean that he or she is not liable.

Millions of people are injured in dog attacks annually. If the bite occurs to the face, it can result in the need for surgery and other medical costs. There can be the emotional difficulty of getting past a gruesome and prominent injury. When there is a dog bite incident, the victim and the victim’s family need to understand what to do in the aftermath. The first call that should be made is to a legal professional with experience in seeking compensation for clients who have injuries from dog bites.


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