On duty law enforcement officer injured in motorcycle accident

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Motorcycles are a prominent sight on Tampa roadways. This includes people who ride them as part of a recreational activity. Some, however, ride motorcycles as part of the performance of their jobs. This is the case with law enforcement personnel who are stationed on motorcycles. The same dangers that are present for civilians on motorcycles are present for those who ride the motorcycle for work. Given the vulnerability of a motorcyclist, a motorcycle collision can lead to severe injuries and even death. When this happens, it is important that those who were affected know how to move forward with a legal filing after being injured in a motorcycle accident.

A law enforcement officer was recently injured when his motorcycle was hit and dragged under a flatbed truck. The accident involved six vehicles including the motorcycle. The 37-year-old deputy was on duty at approximately 2:00 p.m. and was stopped at a red signal. The truck was heading in the same direction as the officer and ran into the motorcycle from behind. The officer was dragged an estimated 150 feet and hit several other vehicles before stopping. The officer was trapped under two vehicles for more than an hour. He was hospitalized after the motorcycle accident and had numerous cuts and a possible broken ankle. The case is being investigated.

A motorcycle accident can lead to more problems than other types of motor vehicle crashes. The rider, being out in the open, can have severe injuries ranging from broken bones to being paralyzed. This can put the rider in the position of having massive medical costs, being unable to work and place the family in a precarious position. The long-range factors and costs must be considered by a motorcycle accident victim.

In this accident, a nine-year veteran of law enforcement was rear-ended on his motorcycle while he was on duty. Luckily for him, his only injuries appear to be lacerations and a potentially broken ankle. However, even though his injuries do not seem to be life-threatening, that does not mean they will not cause him problems in his personal and work life.

People who have been injured in a motorcycle accident, like this one, need to know their legal rights. Through a personal injury suit, motorcyclists injured in an accident may be entitled to compensation.

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