Florida law on liability for injuries suffered due to dog bites

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There are numerous aspects to premises liability in Florida. Often it is linked to some form of dangerous condition or issue on the property, but an owner is also liable if a dog on the person’s property bites someone. Those who have suffered injuries from a dog bite due to a negligent property owner might have the ability to file a claim to be compensated for the injuries.

According to state law, if a dog bites a person while the person is in a public location or is in a private place in a lawful manner, the owner of the dog will be liable for the damages that the person who was bitten has suffered. This is independent of the fact that the dog might be vicious or that the dog owner might have been aware that the dog was vicious. If, however, the person who was bitten was negligent in the biting incident, the owner of the dog will have the liability reduced by a percentage that is commensurate with the person’s responsibility.

A person will be considered as on the property lawfully if the person was invited directly or by implication or if they were on the property to perform their duties. An example is a mail delivery person. The owner will not be liable if there is a sign that states that the dog is dangerous unless the incident is due to an act of negligence on the part of the owner or the child is under the age of six.

Dog bites can result in severe injuries and, in extreme cases, death. While many premises liability cases are often thought to have to do with slip and fall incidents, it can also have to do with other issues such as a dog bite. If a person was bitten by a dog and it is due to a negligent property owner, calling a legal professional with experience in cases such as this is imperative to filing a claim and receiving compensation.

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