What are potential complications of a brain injury?

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When there is a car accident in Florida, there will be a profound sense of relief if there are not visible injuries, broken bones and other evidence of damage. However, there are some injuries that might not be immediately clear and could manifest themselves as time passes. One example is a brain injury. The prevalence of brain injury is currently a hot topic today and one of the most common ways that people can suffer an injury is in a car crash. Many times, they are not even aware that they have been hurt.

Once the injury worsens, there are numerous issues that can arise. A person might be in an altered consciousness. This can include being in a coma, a vegetative state, a minimally conscious state or locked-in syndrome. Brain death can also happen. All have various problems associated with them and, often, the person suffering from this type of aftereffect of an injury will not be able to return to a normal life. Caring for a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury can be a hardship both personally and financially.

If the issues after an accident are not immediately clear, the person who suffered the injury might have certain symptoms. For example, seizures can occur. After a brain injury, these will arise within the first week. This can result in post-traumatic epilepsy and lead to a recurrence of the seizures. A buildup of fluid in the brain can cause swelling. A person might have infections if they have suffered a skull fracture or penetrating wound. Bacteria can enter the brain causing these infections. It could spread to the rest of the nervous system if it is not addressed. Blood vessel damage can cause strokes. Nerve damage can cause paralysis, problems with the senses and diminish the ability to swallow.

Other issues can involve memory loss, the loss of learning ability and inability to reason, a lack of judgment, a decline in concentration and more. For those who have been in a car accident and suffered a brain injury, it can go beyond medical expenses and treatment and affect nearly every area of the person’s life and the life of the person’s family. When injured in a car accident, one of the only ways to be compensated is to consider a legal filing for the injury and pain and suffering. For that, it is important to discuss the matter with a legal professional as soon as possible.

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