Florida motorcycle accident leads to injuries

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Victims of motorcycle accidents have protections against negligent drivers. In a Florida community less than two hours southeast of the Tampa Bay area, a motorcycle accident recently resulted in several injuries to different victims.

Approximately one dozen motorcyclists were participating in a charity memorial ride for a friend who had passed away when the accident occurred. The motorcycle accident took place at an intersection. According to witnesses, the accident occurred when one of the cars involved failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycles while making a left turn on a green light. Authorities did not say whether or not the driver will be charged with a traffic infraction.

Multiple injuries were suffered in the motorcycle accident. One of the motorcyclists was thrown 40 feet and suffered several fractures but is expected to survive. A motorcycle passenger was also injured. In addition, the drivers of the passenger vehicles were also injured, but all are in stable condition. Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries which may be followed by difficult recoveries and the possibility of disability. Victims of motorcycle accidents may face the consequences of a motorcycle accident for the rest of their lives.

For instance, motorcycle accident victims may face medical expenses and the possibility of future medical needs, lost wages because of an inability to work following the accident and pain and suffering damages associated with the overwhelming challenges motorcycle accident victims may confront. Drivers of passenger vehicles, unfortunately, may oftentimes cause motorcycle accidents by failing to remain attentive and observe motorcycle riders on the roadways and be liable for their failure to yield as a result.

When a negligent driver has injured a motorcyclist, he or she may be responsible to compensate victims for their damages. Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be difficult, but legal options are available to help victims receive compensation for their damages so they can focus on recovery.

Source: Wesh.com, “4 injured during motorcycle memorial ride crash,” March 7, 2016


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