How serious are pedestrian accidents?

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Auto-pedestrian accidents can have a number of unwanted outcomes and can unexpectedly alter the lives of victims and families in an instant. As a result, many individuals may be familiar with the subject of pedestrian safety and wonder how serious the problem of pedestrian accidents and pedestrian accident injuries are.

During 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 150,000 pedestrian accident victims required emergency room treatment for injuries associated with pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians are treated for a number of different serious, and potentially debilitating, non-fatal injuries associated with pedestrian accidents each year. Injuries can include brain, head, neck, spinal cord and back injuries; broken bones and serious soft tissue injuries, as well as lacerations and contusions.

There are a number of different risk factors for pedestrians that serve as a threat to pedestrian safety. Because of the vulnerability of pedestrian accident victims, legal protections are available to assist them when they have been harmed. Victims of auto-pedestrian accidents can suffer a variety of physical, financial and emotional damages related to medical expenses and future medical care costs; lost wages and time away from work as a result of the pedestrian accident and pain and suffering damages.

Damages can vary depending on the circumstances, which is why it is important victims are familiar with their options and the particular remedies that may be available in their unique situation. Resources available to pedestrian accident victims can help them focus on the recovery process from their injuries and making as complete a recovery as possible in the circumstances.

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