The dangers of commercial vehicle accidents

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Commercial vehicle accidents can be complex and can result in serious injuries and harm to victims. Commercial vehicles can be especially dangerous to passenger vehicles and other smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. It is important for both truck drivers and other motorists to be aware of the potential dangers commercial trucks present.

The size of commercial trucks and the high speeds commonly driven on the roadways can lead to catastrophic accidents. While there are different ways that drivers of passenger vehicles can act carelessly and thereby endanger other drivers such as drivers of commercial vehicles, there are also ways in which drivers of commercial vehicles may also act carelessly and cause serious accidents as a result.

Commercial truck drivers may be negligent as a result of inadequate training or of driving while fatigued. In addition to poor training or driver fatigue, the structure of the trucking industry compensation system may sometimes encourage truck drivers to drive at higher rates of speed than is safe or for longer periods of time than is safe. Pressure may also be placed on truck drivers concerning schedules that create an unsafe situation on the roadways.

Depending on the circumstances and the relationship between a truck driver and trucking company, both the truck driver and the trucking company may be liable for the harm caused to victims of a commercial vehicle accident. Whenever victims have been injured or otherwise harmed in a commercial vehicle accident as a result of carelessness, it is important for them to be familiar with the legal resources and remedies available to them.

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