How many motorcyclists are injured in Florida?

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Motorcycles encounter unique dangers and vulnerabilities on the roadways but residents of Florida communities may wonder about the incidence of motorcycle accident injuries in their communities. During 2009, there were 8,202 motorcycle riders and motorcycle passengers injured in Florida. In 2008, 9,402 motorcycle riders and motorcycle passengers were injured in Florida. With the exception of 2009, which saw a small decrease, motorcycle accident injuries have been increasing in Florida since 2002.

During 2007, there were 8,955 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida; 8,769 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida during 2006; 8,114 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida during 2005; 7,357 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida during 2004; 6,695 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida during 2004; and 6,016 motorcycle accident injuries in Florida during 2003.

Motorcycle accident victims can suffer catastrophic and debilitating injuries sometimes resulting in disability and long-term struggles. Victims can face a challenging and uncertain recovery process during which expenses can pile up associated with medical care, an inability to work and the emotional challenges motorcycle accident victims and their families may face following a motorcycle accident. Because of the significant impact of a motorcycle accident on the lives of victims and families, personal injury options are available that may help them recover compensation for damages including medical expenses, future medical costs, lost earnings, lost-earning capacity and pain and suffering damages.

The injuries and harm suffered by each motorcyclist can be unique, which is why the process of making a claim for damages focuses on the unique needs and harm suffered by the motorcycle accident victim and their family. The personal injury process is designed to account for the specific needs of victims when harmed by the negligence of another party, such as in a motorcycle accident.

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