Tampa Bay car accident statistics and the impact on victims

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This blog recently discussed a drunk driving accident in Florida, and many Florida residents, especially those in the Tampa Bay area, may wonder how many drunk driving accidents occurred on their roadways last year. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles released preliminary statistics for 2015 including car accident, car accident injury and DUI statistic numbers.

The preliminary data released reveals that in Hillsborough County during 2015 there were a total of 25,956 car crashes resulting in 19,885 injuries. In addition, a total of 4,101 DUI citations were written in Hillsborough County during 2015. Unfortunately, each victim harmed in a car accident faces the potentially life-long impact of the harm they have suffered. Families are also greatly impacted by the harm suffered by victims of car accidents. Victims can suffer a variety of injuries ranging from broken bones to brain injuries and permanent disability.

Because of the serious nature of car accident injuries, victims are protected by the legal process when a negligent driver has harmed them in a car accident. When a victim is injured by a drunk or otherwise negligent driver, they may be able to recover damages for the physical, financial and emotional harm they suffered in the car accident.

The impact of a car accident can follow the victim far into the future, which is why legal resources are available to help victims in any way possible. Victims should be able to focus on the recovery process, and the legal protections available to them seek to help them do just that.

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