Big change to Florida slip-and-fall law

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Whether you’re strolling into KFC or browsing the aisles at Walmart, sustaining a serious and potentially life-altering injury is the last thing you expect. Yet, slip-and-fall injuries are quite common and can lead to medical bills, lost wages and a range of personal difficulties. Unfortunately for Florida residents, a recent statute has shifted the responsibility from business owners to injured parties in slip-and-fall cases.

What’s Changed?

Before June 30, 2016, injured people were only required to prove that their injury resulted from a substance or object that was out of place and thus hazardous. Now, people injured in slip-and-fall accidents have a much greater burden of proof. Injured parties must establish that the business knew or ought to have known about the hazard and failed to correct it, thus leading to the fall. This means that in many cases, injured parties will have to establish that the company’s negligence went beyond mere carelessness.

How will it impact injured people?

Though the new Florida slip-and-fall statute is designed to make cases fair for both businesses and customers, many are concerned about the potential adverse effects that the statute may have on injured parties. Big-box chains like Walmart, Home Depot and Target are extremely challenging to fight in court. These companies are experienced in cases of this kind and have fleets of seasoned lawyers who are dedicated to protecting them. Restaurant chains are also notoriously well-prepared to defend themselves in slip-and-fall cases.

For those who have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, acquiring evidence and building a solid case is crucial to getting the compensation they need. Dealing with a legal case is particularly difficult for injured people who require hospitalization, surgery or bed rest. It’s now more important than ever for injured parties to hire an experienced attorney to advocate for them and protect their right to compensation.

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