Fiery Florida bus accident injures 25

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This blog recently discussed the serious nature of bus accidents and a recent fiery bus accident in north Florida sadly illustrates the dangers of such accidents. The bus accident occurred after the bus failed to yield at a flashing red light controlling the intersection where the accident took place. As a result, the bus collided with a semi-truck and both the bus and semi-truck burst into flames.

In addition to fatalities, 25 victims were injured in the bus accident. Most of the 25 victims are listed in serious or critical condition following the accident. The bus had 34 individuals on board and the semi truck was transporting the driver, who was killed in the accident, and a passenger. Because of their size, accidents involving buses and tractor trailers can be devastating for victims and their families.

Victims may suffer disfiguring injuries in bus accidents and long recovery periods, which can place financial and emotional strain on both victims and their families. Drivers of commercial vehicles, such as buses and bus companies, depending on the relationship that exists between the driver and the company, have higher standards of liability than ordinary drivers of passenger vehicles, who may also be responsible to victims when they have negligently caused an accident. It is important for bus accident victims to be familiar with the range of options that may be available to them when injured in a bus accident.

Commercial vehicle accidents can unexpectedly cause injuries and other suffering in the lives of victims and their families. As a result, the legal process provides recourse for victims and families to seek compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages oftentimes suffered in association with a bus accident.

Source: Christian News Today, “Death toll drops to 4 in Florida bus crash,” July 8, 2016


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