Help for victims injured in taxi or bus accidents

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Passengers who are injured in bus or taxi accidents may face significant challenges. Buses and taxis fall into a special category of transportation called common carriers. While all drivers are required to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others, common carriers are held to a higher standard. They are also licensed and must follow certain regulations. In Florida, taxis are required to carry higher levels of insurance and are excluded from the no-fault insurance law in Florida.

Victims of taxi and bus accidents may suffer damages including medical bills and medical care costs associated with rehabilitative care, therapy, prescriptions and other medical costs; future medical care costs; lost wages; lost-earning capacity; pain and suffering damages; and travel costs associated with treatment. Furthermore, victims and their family members may face a variety of other unexpected expenses following a taxi or bus accident. Personal injury and wrongful death resources are available to aid victims and their families during a time that is challenging enough without the added physical and financial strains associated with the taxi accident or bus accident.

There are a variety of ways that taxi drivers, bus drivers, taxi companies or bus companies may be liable to victims for the injuries they suffer in a taxi or bus accident. These can include negligent maintenance, negligent hiring, or the negligence of the driver. Because common carriers are regulated, it is important to review maintenance records in the event of a taxi or bus accident. If a taxi driver or bus driver has committed a criminal offense such as drunk driving, or received some other type of citation, it may be used as evidence of negligence.

At Culpepper Kurland, we know that different parties may be responsible to victims injured in a commercial vehicle accident. Our website has more information about how we approach these cases and how we fight on behalf of commercial accident victims. As with many other legal issues, what can be most important is that victims and their families are familiar with their rights and the remedies that may be available to them following a taxi or bus accident.


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