How can auto-pedestrian accident be avoided?

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Florida pedestrian safety, unfortunately, can sometimes be a polarizing topic between pro and anti-car groups. It is, however, a legitimate public safety concern that has implications for quality of life as we are all pedestrians at one point or another. A variety of sensible traffic reforms have been suggested throughout the country to help keep pedestrians safe. One way to improve pedestrian safety is by removing the last parking space before an intersection. The practice, referred to as “daylighting,” increases visibility for and of pedestrians.

Another suggestion to improve pedestrian safety are curb extensions, which also improve visibility and shorten the amount of road the pedestrian has to cross. The use of medians, to provide a half-way stopping point for pedestrians, can also increase pedestrian safety.

Additional options are available to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists alike. Some improvements related to intersections, medians and sidewalks have been shown to decrease risks to pedestrians by greater than 25 percent, while only causing moderate delays to drivers and are cost efficient.

An auto versus pedestrian accident can have a devastating outcome for a pedestrian victim. Pedestrian accident victims can suffer serious and debilitating injuries, including broken bones and head and brain injuries, among other types of injuries commonly suffered.

The rehabilitation process can be costly, financially and emotionally, which is why victims of pedestrian accidents may have legal resources available to help them recover compensation for their damages. When pedestrian accident victims were harmed by the careless actions of a driver or other party, they may be able to bring a legal claim for the damages they have suffered that can include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

The suffering pedestrian accident victims may endure can be physical, financial and emotional. As a result, it is important that they are familiar with legal resources available to help assist and guide them through their recovery process.

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