Florida drunk driving accident leaves victims critically injured

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Drunk driving accidents can unexpectedly, and significantly, disrupt the lives of victims. A drunk driving accident in a nearby Florida community recently left one man critically injured. The head-on drunk driving accident occurred as a result of a wrong way driver. A 32-year old driver of a Hummer was travelling southbound in the northbound lanes. The wrong-way driver crashed his Hummer SUV head on into the passenger vehicle being driven by the 22-year old victim of the accident. The drunk driver’s blood alcohol content level, measured by a breath test, measured at .149 which is nearly double Florida’s legal limit of .08. The drunk driver was arrested, taken to jail and charged with driving under the influence and another charge. He was later released on bail.

The drunk driving accident pushed the victim’s car into the path of another car traveling northbound behind him. The victim was transported to the hospital with critical injuries following the accident. The 26-year old driver of the second car involved in the accident, because of the first victim’s car was pushed into his, suffered minor injuries in the drunk driving accident. The drunk driver has received previous traffic citations and had previously been arrested on other charges. The crash was investigated by police investigators following it for several hours.

Victims of drunk driving accidents may unexpectedly face significant physical, financial and emotional stress related to the injuries and harm suffered in a drunk driving accident. They may unexpectedly be unable to work and the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be costly emotionally and financially and may have a significant impact on their families as well. As a result, personal injury legal claims may be available to help victims recover compensation for damages when injured by a drunk driver.

Victims of drunk driving accidents should not continually suffer without understanding legal resources that may be available to them. Knowing the options available, may help victims of drunk driving accidents and their families when they have been harmed.

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