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When was the last time you heard someone say something nice about a lawyer? How about a personal injury lawyer?

After a serious injury – what could be the most trying time of a person’s life – it can be difficult for the victim and family members to know who to trust. There is often a preconceived notion that personal injury lawyers are “ambulance chasers” who benefit from the misfortune of others. While this may be true about some lawyers, there are also many hard-working, compassionate attorneys who practice personal injury law because they truly want to help people. But, how can you weed out the unethical firms from the honest ones? Fortunately, it’s not difficult to determine who rises to the top.

With the advent of online reviews, injury victims and their families have an effective way to vet their choice of legal representation. We can hear directly from people who have personally hired law firms, and the more positive reviews a firm has, the more confident we can feel. Tampa law firm Culpepper Kurland consistently receives reviews from clients that express not only their satisfaction, but their complete amazement and utter gratitude for the results the firm achieved.

Barbara Barbett’s Review – March 31, 2017

Recently, Barbara Barbett’s review of Culpepper Kurland was posted on the firm’s AARP local services listing, joining five other five-star reviews. Barbara was involved in a devastating accident in which she was thrown through the windshield of a dump truck. Thankfully she survived, but she was left with a broken collar bone, cracked ribs, heavy bruising, and spinal and breathing complications. Here is an excerpt from Barbara’s lengthy review:

“…if you are looking for an attorney, I would highly recommend Brett Kurland, the ad you see on TV about attorneys proved to be true. He was 100% concerned for me and about me. Brett Kurland did not fail me in any way and I feel like he stayed honest with me through the whole process. So all I have left to say is if you are looking for an attorney, make sure you start there because I truly believe at that point your search will be over!”

Many other positive reviews of the firm can be found on Google, Yelp and specialty attorney review websites.

The value of online reviews

There is an old saying that reputation is everything. Online reviews allow us to quickly piece together a law firm’s reputation by reading the words of those who matter most: the clients. Not other lawyers. Not marketing professionals. Actual testimonials from people with first-hand experience working with the firm.

We invite you to read more of Culpepper Kurland‘s reviews and to reach out if you or a loved one needs help after a serious accident in the Tampa area.


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