Legal resources are available to victims of commercial accidents

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Commercial vehicle accidents can include accidents involving semi-trucks, work trucks, delivery trucks, vans, company cars, construction vehicles, buses and even taxis. Because of the size and weight disparity of commercial vehicles and the vehicles they share the roadway with, victims of commercial vehicle accidents can suffer severe injuries, including brain damage, paralysis and spinal cord injuries, among other types of injuries.

Due to the extensive nature of commercial vehicle accident injuries, victims may suffer physical, financial and emotional harm far into the future following a commercial vehicle accident. Because of the catastrophic nature of commercial vehicle accident damages, it is important for victims to be familiar with the resources available to them that are on their side. Personal injury legal options can help them recover compensation for damages.

When commercial vehicle drivers or commercial vehicle companies have engaged in negligence, such as negligent maintenance of their vehicles, improper training of their drivers, work-hour violations and other forms of negligence, such as driving while fatigued, it is important that victims understand the resources available to them. Personal injury legal options are available for those hurt in a commercial vehicle accident to pursue claims of driver negligence and commercial vehicle company negligence.

Victims of commercial vehicle accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries, they may need help with the medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering they experience following a commercial vehicle accident. As a result, legal options are available to help victims of commercial vehicle accidents recover compensation for damages from a negligent commercial vehicle driver or company.


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Imagine you are driving along minding your own business when a semi hits a median after crossing three lanes of traffic, blocking your lane. Unable to stop in time, you strike the truck’s cab with your much smaller vehicle. We don’t have to imagine that scenario because one of our clients lived it. Though he was unable to walk away from the crash without injury, we were able to help him walk away from the incident with a settlement that will make things easier for him and his family.