Tampa motorcycle rider injured; drive of vehicle cited

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While traveling by motorcycle can be a very enjoyable activity during the warm months, it is also a form of transportation that is vulnerable to many risks and dangers on the roadways. Inattentive drivers can place motorcycle riders in danger on the roadways. This could result in a serious motorcycle crash, causing a rider to suffer injuries, damages and even death.

According to recent reports, a motorcyclist suffered serious injuries. As a result, the driver of a passenger vehicle was cited following the Tampa motorcycle accident. The driver of the passenger vehicle was traveling west and was in the left turn lane as the motorcycle, traveling eastbound, approached. The driver of the passenger vehicle made a left-hand turn into the oncoming path of the motorcycle and struck the motorcyclist.

The motorcycle accident resulted in 3 victims being sent to the hospital, including the motorcycle rider and two passengers in the motor vehicle. The motorcyclist was thrown from his motorcycle and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Authorities cited the driver of the passenger vehicle, who was unharmed, for making an improper turn.

Unfortunately, it can be common for inattentive drivers to fail to see motorcycles and to violate their right of way, causing a motorcycle accident that can result in serious injuries victims. Approximately 70 percent of motorcycle accidents involving passenger vehicles occur at intersections and it is not uncommon for drivers to be liable for a failure to yield, especially in left-hand turn situations. It can be extremely dangerous for motorcycle accident victims who can suffer medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident victims who are unexpectedly harmed in a motorcycle accident have legal remedies to be aware of that can help them recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in a motorcycle accident. Because of the oftentimes catastrophic nature of a motorcycle accident, victims should be familiar with the resources available to help them.

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