Motorcycle rider killed in fatal Florida motorcycle accident

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In Florida, motorcyclists can be traveling on the roadways essentially year-round. Even though motorists are accustomed to sharing the road with these small vehicles, this does not always mean that they cautiously take note of them. Whether it is due to distractions or negligence, a motorcycle crash could be the result of a driver failing to uphold their duty to drive safe. Nonetheless, the legal process provides remedies for motorcycle accident victims and their families.

According to recent reports, a motorcycle rider killed in fatal motorcycle accident in a Florida community is being remembered following her death. The 25-year old victim was killed when a 52-year old driver made a sudden left turn in front her motorcycle, striking and killing her. The victim was thrown from her motorcycle as a result of the collision. The driver said he never saw the motorcycle before striking it. The driver was not arrested and police did not comment on what charges the driver may face.

A fellow motorcyclist noted that most drivers these days are not paying attention to the roadway. A group of motorcyclists held a memorial ride to raise awareness of the dangers motorcyclists face because of distracted drivers and the problem of distracted driving. The motorcycle riders are urging drivers remain focused on the roadway so more families are not left grieving.

Unfortunately, a number of motorcycle accidents are caused by passenger vehicle driver inattentiveness and many are the result of the passenger vehicle driver’s failure to yield in left-hand turn situations. Passenger vehicle drivers also fail to observe motorcycles as they do not remain carefully attentive to the roadway. Because of the nature of motorcycles, motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic for motorcycle riders.

As a result, legal resources are available to help families of victims of motorcycle accidents and victims recover compensation for damages such as wrongful death damages or compensation for other physical, financial or emotional damages motorcycle accident victims and their families may suffer. It can be tremendously important for victims and surviving family members to be familiar with the legal protections available to them.

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