The dangers of distracted driving

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Distracted drivers are a growing problem that will continue to increase in scope as technology advances and is used more frequently. Distracted driving includes anything that removes the driver’s focus and attention from the roadway. In general, there are three types of distracted driving. Distracted driving includes manual distraction that cause the driver removing their hands from the wheel, visual distraction that cause the driver removing their eyes from the roadway and cognitive distraction that involve activities that remove the driver’s mental focus and mind from the task at hand.

As a result, distracted driving can take on many forms. It can include cell phone use and texting. Texting can be particularly serious because it involves all three forms of driver distraction. In addition, distracted driving can include eating, grooming, reading, adjusting the radio or navigation device, adjusting climate controls, visiting with passengers, attending to children or driving while fatigued, which can all amount to driver distraction.

In Florida, it is important for drivers to be familiar with the dangers of distracted driving, the consequences of distracted driving and how to avoid distracted driving to help keep everyone safe. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, distracted driving is a serious problem in the state and elsewhere throughout the country. When victims have been injured by a distracted driver, it is important that they are familiar with the personal injury legal protections that may be available to help them recover compensation for the unexpected physical, financial and emotional damages they have suffered as a result.

Distracted driving is dangerous behavior that places the driver and others on the roadway at great risk of an accident. Victims of distracted or careless drivers are protected by the legal process which they should understand if they have been harmed.

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