Another motorcyclist dies in the Tampa area

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In what seems like a déjà vu of an incident that this blog reported on a few weeks ago, another young motorcyclist, this one a male in his mid-20s, has died following an accident on the Tampa roads. Like the previous accident that was reported, the first reports suggest this accident was preventable with a little care on the part of the other driver who was supposed to be watching for motorcyclists.

A further investigation would probably have to be conducted before the family of the motorcyclist could file suit, but the police suggest the crash involved a failure to yield on the part of the driver of an Econoline van, a full size van that is much larger than a motorcycle.

Apparently the driver of the van did not stop when the young motorcyclist crossed the van’s path at an intersection. Because the van pulled out right in front of the motorcyclist, the motorcyclist did not have enough reaction time and slammed in to the van. Police who arrived at the scene could tell the motorcyclist had suffered life-threatening injuries. He succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

While the driver of the van did not demonstrate any evidence of being drunk or on drugs, it does not mean the driver should escape liability for his failure to yield to a motorcyclist. Drivers must be on guard for motorcyclists, especially at night when the motorcycle can be particularly hard to see. The family of the motorcyclist, through a wrongful death action, may be able to recover medical expenses, lost income funeral expenses, and other costs.

Source: Bay News9, “25-year-old motorcyclist killed in Tampa crash,” July 16, 2017


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