Plan to drive in Florida? Be aware of high risk drivers

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There’s no such thing as a car-accident-free state. It’s also true, however, that motor vehicle collisions appear to be more problematic in some states than others. For example, do you know there are certain drivers in Florida that some consider as high risks for accident claims?

If you research the details of high-risk drivers, the information you gather may help you avoid problems on the road. An important issue to pay attention to is what effect, if any, a particular driver’s attitude and actions may have on other vehicles in the vicinity.

Even if you’re cautious, another driver might not be

Logic assumes it’s nearly impossible for you to do anything about a perfect stranger’s decision to drink and drive, for instance, which is one reason an insurance company may label a driver “high risk.” It’s also pretty much out of your control if another motorist decides to send a text message while driving. What you can do, however, is learn as much as you can about driver risks (including those who have serious traffic violations, many tickets for excessive speeding, brand new drivers and elderly drivers) then do your best to stay alert and react as quickly and safely as possible if a problem arises.

Types of cars frequently considered high risks for accidents

Apparently, the type of vehicle you drive may affect your status as a high or low risk driver when purchasing insurance. You’ve probably faced situations in the past when you were driving along a highway, and a sports car suddenly zoomed past you so fast you could barely see the license plate. You need to exercise extreme caution in such situations, and if you happen to drive a car like this, it’s crucial to adhere to all traffic regulations to lower your risk for injury.

Other types of cars that insurance companies pay attention to when determining what type of risk a particular driver is, include exotic cars, collectibles and super-cars.

Where to turn for help

If you do wind up in a crash caused by a high-risk driver, a distracted driver or a reckless driver, it’s obviously highly important to seek medical attention as soon as possible, if you’re able to act on your own volition. Beyond that, many Florida accident victims reach out to others for support.

With that in mind, it often helps to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, since he or she would have clear understanding of the civil justice system and would be able to provide appropriate counsel.


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