Before filing a claim, consider reaching out for help

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

As many Tampa area residents can probably guess, accidents involving pedestrians who are walking alongside the road or are trying to cross the street can get hurt seriously if a driver carelessly hits the pedestrian with a car.

Given pedestrians have no protection from the blow of a moving car, they will often suffer serious injuries like broken bones, paralysis from a spinal cord injury or severe internal injuries, including brain injuries. These types of injuries can leave a person completely disabled and without any means of caring for either themselves or their loved ones.

It is important to remember that pedestrian accidents are often easily preventable by the motorist. Many of these types of accidents happen because a driver was drunk or distracted or simply ignored a traffic sign or signal. In other cases, the driver was simply traveling too fast for the road conditions or even exceeding the posted speed limit.

Nevertheless, victims of these sorts of accidents, especially if they are in a tough financial spot, may be tempted to try to resolve their claim against the driver who hit them quickly, usually in an effort to get money fast and move on from a very traumatic circumstance. However, this can turn out to be a big mistake in the long term. After all, even the fairest and most professional claims representatives ultimately are employees of the other person’s insurance company, and the company does not want to pay more compensation than it absolutely has to.

It is a good idea for a pedestrian to get passionate, aggressive advocates like those who practice in our law office. We use our trial experience to help Florida residents who are victims of pedestrian accidents stand up for their rights and get the compensation they both need and deserve.


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