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On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the serious danger that fatigued driving poses and have also talked about how many truckers must follow detailed rules about how long they have to rest after being on the road for several hours.

Unfortunately, though, some truck drivers and trucking companies buy in to a culture where profit is more important than the safety of other motorists in the Tampa area and throughout Florida. As a result, these people may wink at or even outright ignore both the rules and the inherent dangers in driving while fatigued, in some cases even going so far as to try to cover up their tracks with faked log books or other such things.

For a time, an individual driver and his or her company may get away with this sort of behavior, but at some point, there is going to be an accident. These sorts of accidents can lead to very serious injuries and may even leave a family without their loved one. In these cases, a driver or company should not be allowed to pay a fine and then walk away, especially since the victim’s family is likely going to need help recovering financially from all the funeral bills, medical expenses and other costs.

Our law office stands ready and willing to help families hold trucking companies and their drivers accountable for fatigued driving. With our extensive experience in representing accident victims, including victims of accidents involving commercial vehicles, we know what evidence to look for that will show that a driver was too tired to be operating a truck or other large vehicle and may have been ignoring important safety measures. We work hard to make sure our clients get the most compensation possible following a fatigued driving accident.


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Imagine you are driving along minding your own business when a semi hits a median after crossing three lanes of traffic, blocking your lane. Unable to stop in time, you strike the truck’s cab with your much smaller vehicle. We don’t have to imagine that scenario because one of our clients lived it. Though he was unable to walk away from the crash without injury, we were able to help him walk away from the incident with a settlement that will make things easier for him and his family.