Are self-driving trucks a threat to your personal safety?

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Trucks have an important role in transporting goods back and forth across the country, yet they can cause great damage when involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle. Due to the larger size and heavier weight of the vehicle, drivers of trucks bear a special responsibility to drive safely and adhere to industry safety standards and regulations.

What happens when there is no driver? Driverless vehicles may be a reality in the near future, and the trucking industry is not immune to these advances in technology. In fact, self-driving big rigs may be on Florida roads soon, which may lead you to wonder how safe these vehicles are.

Questions and concerns about driverless technology

While the actual capability and the technology itself is moving forward at a rapid pace, there are still many questions that developers have to answer in order to ensure that innocent motorists don’t end up exposed to unnecessary risks. Some of the important concerns remaining about self-driving big rigs include issues related to the following:

  • Weather changing the integrity of the roads
  • Factors such as wind and ice
  • Vehicle’s ability to navigate unexpected challenges
  • Reaction time when road hazards are present
  • Ability to navigate the unexpected behaviors of other drivers

Some do not believe that a truck will ever be able to self-drive safely. Truckers have to be able to react to challenges, evaluate potential dangers and make on-the-spot decisions while behind the wheel. It remains to be seen if trucks will ever be able to deal with the many variables and challenges that truck drivers face.

At this point, there are not many safety regulations in place regarding the development and rollout of driverless big rigs. Unfortunately, this lack of regulation and the race to the first to release a self-driving big rig could lead to accidents and injuries to innocent motorists.

Your rights after a truck accident

The possibility of driverless vehicles raises many important questions regarding liability and motorist safety. You should never have to suffer because of the negligence of a trucking company or manufacturer, whether the problems was driverless technology, improperly loaded cargo or another preventable reason.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you were hurt in an accident caused by a negligent trucker or another party, you have the right to pursue compensation. You may seek to hold liable parties accountable and pursue the recovery you deserve for your medical bills and other financial losses.


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