Driver sought after hit-and-run

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A Tampa woman was fatally injured following a hit and run accident on a major street in the area. Police are currently looking for the driver and are asking the public for any leads. The police are also looking for video of the area around the time of the accident in the hope that they will identify the driver who hit the woman and then left the scene of the accident.

According to her husband, the woman, who was 53, enjoyed gathering flowers from friends and neighbors and then making her own arrangements with what she received. She was out picking flowers at the time of the accident and told her husband she would be back in half an hour. Instead, police eventually tracked down her residence and had to tell her husband that the woman had been hit at an intersection and had not survived the crash.

One can only hope that police will eventually locate this driver. Should the police succeed in finding him or her, then the driver will likely face criminal charges. Additionally, the family of the woman may be able to recover compensation from the driver or the driver’s insurance company on account of the driver’s negligence.

If, on the other hand, the driver of the car involved is never found, then the woman’s family may have other avenues of recovery available to them, including uninsured motorists benefits if the woman purchased this type of insurance.

It is always a sad day when Tampa-area pedestrian suffers serious injuries at the hands of a careless driver, especially if that driver then flees the scene of the accident. However, the family of this woman should remember that legal options are available to them.

Source: Fox 13, “Police seek vehicle suspected in deadly hit-and-run,” Aaron Mesmer, Oct. 5, 2017.


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