Retired and a victim of a motorcycle accident? We can help

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

A previous post on this blog discussed how retirees in the Tampa area who choose to ride a motorcycle are at a greater risk of suffering a serious injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. However, getting compensation after such an accident may be difficult for an older biker for a couple of reasons.

For one, as the previous post mentioned, there is some notion out there that an older motorcyclist is more likely to be at fault for the accident, perhaps because of diminished coordination or the rider’s lack of recent experience on a motorcycle.

Furthermore, it is an unfortunate reality that older, retired motorcyclists may not be able to recover as much compensation after an accident in part because their retirement income won’t change much as a result.

However, just like anyone else who gets hurt by a negligent driver when riding a motorcycle, injured retiree and Baby Boomer motorcyclists should get all of the compensation that they deserve. Lost income aside, almost all injured motorcyclists are going to have medical bills and are also going to experience some pain and suffering from the accident, both of which are compensable under Florida law.

Our law office is well aware that motorcycle accidents involving senior riders can be hard cases. However, we are more than up to the challenge and have a track record to prove that. In addition to being well equipped to handle the legal questions, we also have important connections with doctors and other professionals, including accident reconstruction professionals that help us help our clients get the compensation they deserve.


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