The future of transportation and traffic in Tampa Bay

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After residents of the Tampa Bay rejected a previous plan, the Florida Department of Transportation brought forth a new plan that proposes to add express toll lanes on Interstates 4 and 275 as well as other expansions. Leaders proposed the new plan, Tampa Bay Next. Just recently, residents got a look at this new transportation plan for the area.

At this meeting, the public was able to see how the plan for interstate expansion would work. They also got to look at other options that area leaders are considering, which include lane additions in other areas and the addition of toll plazas. The ultimate goal of these expansions is to provide more options for Hillsborough County residents and ease traffic congestion.

Modernizing the area

Leaders who proposed this idea want to improve the roads and interstates in the area and modernize the infrastructure of the area. Area residents, particularly those in the historic downtown areas, protested the addition of express toll lanes that were part of the original plan.

Local businesses, residents and others with a stake in the Tampa Bay area have over one year to consider these proposed changes and weigh in on the issue. Many of the changes and additions, if approved, will take several years to come to fruition.

Leaders also have a plan to add an addition southbound lane to State Road 60 all the way to the airport in order to ease traffic congestion and eliminate dangerous merging that occurs along that road.

These changes are costly and will take a long time to complete, but they could be in the best interests of the community. However, any reader who has concerns about this new plan would be wise to act quickly to express his or her voice and get answers to any questions.

The best interests of area residents

The ultimate goal of any plan to add interstate lanes, toll plazas and other road construction should be in the best interests of the people who live and work in the area.

By easing congestion and making driving through the Tampa Bay area safer, leaders hope to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents. Naturally, this would reduce unnecessary injuries and fatalities, and it could make it both faster and safer to drive through this area of Florida. As leaders are currently still listening to the community and accepting input, you may want to take this time to review this plan and make your voice heard.


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