We don’t always represent perfect people in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Florida car accidents, including pedestrian accidents are not always easy affairs to sort out. In many, if not most cases, there is always something each person involved could have done better and, thus, prevented the accident from happening.

This is true in pedestrian accidents in that the injured victim could have been in the crosswalk when crossing the street or could have been wearing more visible clothing, been more attentive, and so forth. There is always something where someone may feel as if he or she has fallen short.

Our law office does not always represent the perfect pedestrian who did everything right before getting hit by a car, but that does not mean that the pedestrian is not able to pursue compensation. When we investigate and then litigate cases, we try to keep the focus on where it should be, and that is the behavior of the motorist who hit the person.

We feel this is where the focus of an auto-pedestrian accident should be, because a pedestrian accident almost always ends worse for the person who was not protected by a vehicle at the time. Given the size and weight different of a person and a car, it really should be drivers who look out for Tampa area residents more so than the other way around.

Drivers can help prevent pedestrian accidents with some simple changes in behavior, like slowing down, being alert for road signs and, of course, driving sober and free of distractions. When drivers don’t take these steps, and a Hillsborough resident gets hurt, we try to secure as much compensation as we legally can for that pedestrian.


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