Children injured in Tampa-area drunk driving crash

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Drunk driving is not only a criminal activity, it is a negligent behavior that can negatively impact innocent people. A recent incident in the Tampa area illustrated this danger when a drunk driver collided with a vehicle containing several children. The impact left three kids with injuries.

According to law enforcement, the driver was traveling on Interstate 75 at the time of the crash. He attempted to pass an SUV in the center southbound lane, but instead, his F-150 hit the SUV. The father of the children also suffered injuries in the crash, and authorities eventually took the driver of the F-150 to the Manatee County Jail after his arrest.

A harrowing drunk driving accident

Drunk driving is always dangerous and reckless, and unfortunately, innocent people often suffer the consequences of this irresponsible decision. Consider the following facts about this drunk driving accident:

  • At the time of the accident, the driver of the F-150 had a blood alcohol content of .15, which is actually almost twice the legal BAC limit.
  • When the truck hit the SUV with the children inside, the impact forced the SUV to flip and land in the median.
  • All four people who were traveling in the SUV suffered injuries in the collision.
  • The impact of the collision ejected two children from the car, and the driver of the F-150 fled the scene of the accident.
  • Law enforcement apprehended the driver, and he is currently facing 11 different charges related to drunk driving, leaving the scene of the accident and more.

As you are aware, alcohol can impair a driver’s ability to make smart decisions while behind the wheel. It can affect judgment, the perception of distance and reaction times. While the driver responsible for this particular accident had a very high BAC, even one or two drinks can be enough to impair a driver’s ability. There is never an excuse for drunk driving.

Victims of drunk driving have rights

Drunk driving victims never have to suffer the aftermath of their accident alone. In many cases, injured victims have grounds to pursue compensation from liable parties, seeking recovery of losses related to medical bills, emotional trauma and other damages.

If you are the victim of this type of negligent behavior, you have no time to lose in seeking the full protection of your rights. You may find it beneficial to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to better understand your legal options.


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