How we can help passengers, other drivers after an Uber wreck

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

A previous post on this blog explained the legal options for those affected by accidents involving an Uber or Lyft driver. Basically, both passengers and other motorists in the greater Tampa area can suffer serious injuries because of a negligent driver who is operating as a contractor for Uber or Lyft, and these victims both need and deserve compensation for their losses.

Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons, it can be hard for a victim to easily obtain full compensation after an Uber of Lyft accident. Insurance coverage and conditions can be difficult to navigate when it comes to suing the driver, and it may be hard for a victim to sue Uber or Lyft directly simply because of the way these companies have set up their businesses.

A victim may therefore have to turn to his or her own insurance company for additional compensation, assuming that the victim purchased this type of coverage as part of his or her insurance policy.

Our law office has the in depth knowledge of Florida law and the experience with cases involving commercial vehicles necessary to help victims, whether they were passengers in an Uber car or a motorist struck by an inexperienced or untrained Uber or Lyft drier, understand all of their legal options and pursue their available avenues for obtaining compensation after an accident.

When pursuing compensation, a victim will often run in to people who might attempt to minimize their losses in order to pay less on the bottom line. These people have to be responded to with firm determination, a trait the attorneys at our office pride themselves on. We also know of other resources who might up being critical to the success of an injured victim’s lawsuit.


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