When should elderly drivers relinquish their right to drive?

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There is a significant number of elderly drivers in the state of Florida. Our state is a popular place to retire, and many people live in the state half a year to escape harsh temperatures farther north. But are elderly drivers making Florida roads more dangerous?

A recent fatal accident in Florida involving an elderly driver has brought this issue to light. A 98-year-old man driving an RV the wrong way on a road collided with a truck, killing two teenagers.

A woman who suffered a similar accident on a similar road years ago is now pushing for changes to county and state laws, WPTV reported recently.

Making Florida roads safer

Florida currently requires drivers aged 80 and over to take a driving proficiency test every six years. There is concern that this may not be enough to keep drivers off the road who are no longer able to drive safely. After all, a person’s driving ability may begin to deteriorate long before their 80th birthday.

There is a push to have people start taking driving proficiency tests at age 65 but in broad time frames. Testing would increase in frequency as the driver ages. Upon reaching 80, drivers would be required to take a test every year.

Another suggestion is to require elderly drivers to have special licenses for operating large vehicles, such as RVs.

Changing driving laws and pushing elderly individuals to hand over the keys could be quite challenging, and there have been no changes to the laws yet. However, every person is responsible for his or her own behavior and knowing when he or she is no longer able to drive safely.

What happens if you are in an accident?

If you suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, you could have grounds to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Regardless of the age of the person responsible for your accident, you have a right to explore the legal options available to you. While a civil claim cannot reverse the effects of your car accident, it can allow you to recoup the financial losses you experienced, such as medical bills and damage to your personal property.


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