How will self-driving cars affect Tampa commuters?

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Several different automakers are currently testing their version of self-driving vehicles in Florida and other states. While there are many issues and safety concerns that have to be resolved before these vehicles will be in widespread use, they will soon become a reality.

You may have concerns over how these vehicles will affect your life and how they could impact your commute. Over the next decade, you will be sharing the road with these types of vehicles, and it is smart to be prepared. Being prepared and knowing your rights is important for every Tampa-area driver as more self-driving cars become present on roads and highways.

What should you expect?

In addition to realizing there will be vehicles around you with no human operator, there are other ways that self-driving cars could affect your commute. There are some experts warning drivers to expect the following as there is an increased implementation of these types of vehicles:

  • Narrower lanes on the interstate
  • Construction of more flyover ramps at intersections
  • Fewer public parking lots and perhaps smaller parking lots at businesses
  • More shortcuts through certain areas

Traffic managers and other authorities are looking ahead to determine exactly how these vehicles could affect the average driver. There are questions regarding how disrupting these changes will be for residents of high-traffic areas and people who will be driving their own vehicles through the area on their commute.

These changes to infrastructure could be confusing and may add to the difficulty of the already busy Tampa area during rush hours. However, self-driving cars come with sensors that can detect other vehicles, curbs, pedestrians and other hazards, perhaps reducing the overall number of car accidents. Fewer accidents may eventually mean a faster and easier traffic flow through traditionally busy areas.

The personal impact on your life

Over the next decade, self-driving cars will likely impact multiple areas, including public transportation and the rate of distracted driving accidents. However, there are still concerns about the safety of self-driving vehicles. While there are many unknown factors regarding the impact of these vehicles, you may find it beneficial to stay abreast of all updates and advancements as things proceed in the months and years ahead.

Regardless of the type of vehicle involved or the reason for an accident, victims have the right to seek financial compensation and file civil claims when appropriate. If you believe you are the victim of the negligent or reckless actions of another person or party, you are entitled to an explanation of your legal options and guidance as you protect your interests.


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