Tampa-area road construction could be placing drivers at risk

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Florida readers know that road construction is sometimes necessary, but it can also lead to a higher chance that a person will suffer injuries in an accident. Even well-marked construction zones can be hazardous for drivers, cause confusion and congest traffic. Recently, an accident near a zone for road construction underlined how dangerous these areas can be.

This accident occurred in Palm Harbor, a community near Tampa. Local residents believe that construction along specific streets places them in danger. This recent accident reminded people who drive along these streets that this specific road construction project to install permanent concrete medians can be a hazard and a hindrance for regular commuters.

Dangerous conditions for commuters

You may be interested to know that the accident in the construction zone occurred as one driver attempted to move across multiple lanes of traffic. That car collided with another, and the two vehicles crashed into a Jeep sitting at a stop sign. The impact forced the Jeep off the road and left the driver shaken.

The following details about the construction work in the area and accounts from local residents and people who drive through the area everyday may help you understand the danger of this particular situation:

  • To drive through the area where the road work is happening, traffic has to merge from three lanes down to two lanes.
  • Drivers who need to make U-turns near the merging traffic cause more congestion and face the risk of an accident.
  • Local residents say that the construction forces drivers to dart across merging traffic.
  • Others claim that the merging traffic and construction work makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic and potential hazards.

Fortunately, this serious accident did not leave anyone with injuries, but people who live in the area said that there have been several accidents along the same road since the roadwork started.

Victims of accidents caused by roadwork

There are times when roadwork and construction projects actually endanger the people who have to live, work and travel in the vicinity. When people suffer physical harm due to accidents caused by roadwork projects, they have options.

As a victim of an accident caused by factors beyond your control, you have the right to seek damages from liable parties. Whether that is the local municipality or another party, you may be able to claim compensation for your physical injuries or other losses. Construction and roadwork can be dangerous and place innocent people in harm’s way, but as a victim, you have the right to speak up and take action.


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