What is a common carrier and what if I am injured by one?

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Victims may suffer serious injuries and harm in a bus accident or other commercial vehicle accident. Buses, and some other forms of public transportation, such as trains, planes and taxis, are referred to as “common carriers.” Common carriers transport goods and individuals and are subject to certain requirements and liability, such as in a bus accident.

Common carriers are regulated and must meet certain standards for safety. In addition, common carriers are required to exercise the highest degree of care for the safety of their passengers and cargo. Common carriers are also required to warn passengers of a potentially dangerous condition. Common carriers may be liable to victims if a reasonably careful operator would have or should have known about the dangerous condition and failed to warn passengers.

When a victim has been injured in a bus accident or other accident involving a common carrier, the victim may have a claim for damages if the common carrier failed to abide by a particular regulation or if they failed to exercise reasonable care expected of a reasonably careful common carrier. Victims of a common carrier accident, such as a bus accident, can suffer damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages.

Personal injury legal options can assist victims with the recovery of compensation for their physical, financial and emotional injuries if they have been injured by a careless or negligent common carrier. It is important for victims to be familiar with the legal options and recourse available to them if they have been injured in an accident involving a common carrier.

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