Commercial vehicle accidents can be complex in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, matters can be more complicated than in crashes between passenger vehicles. This is because commercial vehicles may be regulated by overlapping state and federal laws. Thus, when a commercial vehicle accident occurs in Florida, the investigation could involve local and state authorities, as well as federal agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board.

Because commercial vehicles are often so much larger than typical passenger vehicles, their potential to cause serious injury and damage is greatly increased. This is particularly true at highway speeds. Such extensive damage also means that accident reconstruction and investigation may take longer as investigators try and sort out what happened.

What may have been a mundane accident with a passenger vehicle can be disastrous if the accident involved a commercial vehicle instead. There have been several serious accidents in the Sunshine State this year involving blown tires on commercial trucks. A recent example had tragic consequences for the driver of the truck. A news report stated that a FedEx driver was killed when a tire blew on his cargo truck, which then struck a car and rolled into the median.

Individuals who have been injured in a crash involving a commercial vehicle should seek the advice of an attorney with experience handling such matters. Such cases require nuanced knowledge of the overlapping rules, regulations and investigating agencies that may be implicated in such an accident. If a victim is entitled to compensation, a lawyer with experience in commercial vehicle accident cases will help ensure that the victim recovers what they deserve.


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