Report: Florida most dangerous state for motorcyclists

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Last month was Motorcycle Safety Awareness month in Florida, however, it is clear from accident statistics that motorists must be safety conscious about motorcycles throughout the year. In much of the country, motorcycles are only a factor on roads during warmer months. However, Florida’s mild weather means that motorcycles share the roads with other vehicles year-round.

This likely contributes to the fact that more fatal motorcycle accidents occur in Florida than in any other state in the nation. According to a Governors Highway Safety Association report, which compiled statistics from 2016 and preliminary data from 2017, 574 motorcyclists died in 2016. California followed Florida with 566 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents.

The 2016 numbers show that nearly one out of every five fatal vehicle accidents in Florida occurred on a motorcycle. This was the seventh highest percentage in the country. Motorcycle deaths in Nevada comprised 22.6 percent of all vehicle fatalities. In 2016, this was the highest such percentage in the United States.

Across the country, there were nearly 5,300 fatal motorcycle accidents during 2016. The preliminary data for 2017 shows that the Sunshine State again leads the nation and is on track to exceed 500 motorcycle fatalities for the year.

Until the roads become safer for motorcyclists, accident victims may find recourse in the law. If you were injured by a negligent driver while riding a motorcycle, you may wish to contact an attorney to discuss the facts of your case.

Sadly, many motorcycle accidents are fatal, especially when they involve collision with another vehicle. In these cases, the victim’s family may want to speak to an attorney who has experience with wrongful death lawsuits.


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