What to do when your rideshare trip results in an injury

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You had a long week at school. In between classes and work, you had to study and write that paper. You were tired and just wanted to let loose for a night. As the weekend approached, you made plans with your friends. You decided to meet up for dinner and then have some drinks in downtown Tampa.

Since you are responsible, you planned ahead. You used your favorite rideshare company to get to the restaurant. Likewise, you used them again to get you home from the bar. Essentially, you did everything right. You knew it would be stupid to even consider driving yourself. You wanted to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, your ride home turned into a crash.

What do you need to do now?

As with any car accident, you will want to take action on the scene. What you do right away is essential to safety and potentially your future.

  • First and foremost, check to see if anyone else is injured. Immediately note any pain or injuries you have yourself. Take pictures with your phone and accept medical treatment.
  • Get the names and contact information of everyone involved. This means talking to the driver of your car, the driver of the other car and any passengers.
  • Record all relevant insurance information for both your driver and the driver of the other car. This should include policy numbers, company name and contact information.
  • Document the scene and speak to any witnesses. Make sure you ask witnesses for their phone numbers as well.
  • Note the name and badge number of first responders. Ask law enforcement officials for a copy of the incident report.
  • Report the accident through the rideshare company.

What about your injuries?

You should absolutely seek the medical attention you need. Since you were involved in an accident, you can pursue compensation to help pay for your medical expenses. Uber and Lyft both have insurance policies that cover up to $1,000,000. If the driver of your car was negligent and caused the accident, their personal insurance might be used to cover your bills. Lastly, if the driver of the other vehicle is to blame, you can pursue their insurance company.


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