Is the person behind the wheel liable for your accident?

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A car accident caused by the negligence and reckless actions of another driver could be grounds to move forward with a civil claim. This is a way for a Florida accident victim to recover his or her losses and get the care necessary to get better and move forward. However, the first step in this process is to determine who is actually liable for the accident that left you traumatized and injured. 

According to the principle of vicarious liability, there are circumstances in which another person besides the person behind the wheel is liable for an accident. If you believe you could have grounds for a civil claim, you would be wise to first see if another party is responsible for your injuries. This is an important first step in your pursuit of reasonable and fair financial compensation.

Placing the blame on the right person 

Vicarious liability means that another party is responsible for damage done in an accident, even if he or she was not present or even near the scene of the accident. Consider the following scenarios to better understand this principle:

  • If a minor child caused an accident, his or her parents or the owner of the vehicle may be financially responsible for what happened.
  • If a person loans his or her car to an individual known to be an unsafe or inexperienced driver, that individual may be liable.
  • When a company driver causes an accident that results in injury, the company that owns the vehicle may share liability for the crash.
  • If dangerous road conditions caused your accident, parties such as civil authorities and others may be responsible for your injuries.

A smart way to identify liable parties and start building a strong claim is to seek help immediately after an accident. This will allow you to preserve important evidence and move forward with the appropriate legal recourse as soon as possible. 

What do you need to get better?

Every accident victim has differing needs. You have the right to pursue the recompense you need to recover losses associated with medical bills, lost wages from missed work and continued rehabilitation needs.

A complete evaluation of your case will allow you to better understand how you can start the civil claims process in order to secure what you need and deserve. This will also allow you to identify the appropriate liable parties and those truly responsible for what you experienced.


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